As It Happens

As It Happens: Thursday Edition

Dec. 3, 2020

Episode transcripts

Part One

Georgia Election Official
A Republican elections official in Georgia says he and his staff are being targetted by increasingly violent harrssment and he's calling out Donald Trump for enabling it. 

Parliament Hill Bullet Holes
Bullet holes left in the halls of Parliament Hill after the 2014 attack there won't be patched up. Instead, they'll be preserved. And that's not sitting well with some of the politicians who were there at the time.

Messages in a Bottle
Our guest is glad that two men 100 years ago did just that when they hid hand-written letters inside an old milk bottle.

Part Two

Ethiopia Doctor
An Ethiopian doctor who escaped brutal fighting tells us he doesn't have time to dwell on what he's lost. He's just trying to keep people alive at the refugee camp he now calls home. 

Canada UN Indigenous
Canada's Justice Minister introduces legislation this morning adopting the United Nations Declaration on Indigenous rights. But provincial premiers have already said respecting the declaration will create uncertainty for investors.

Part Three

Danny Williams Christmas Tree
Former Newfoundland premier Danny Williams tries to raise a giant Christmas tree in a St. John's roundabout and gets wrapped up in red tape.

Standard Not HD Study
A new report sheds light on how High Definition television may be obscuring the big picture when it comes to climate change. 

Leaf Insect Mystery
Entomologists couldn't be-leaf their eyes when they discovered two groups of insects long believed to be different species actually aren't.