As It Happens

As It Happens: Thursday Edition

Oct. 29, 2020

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Part One

Nice attack
An attacker kills three people in Nice, France — less than two weeks after a Paris schoolteacher was killed in a similar attack. An ally of President Macron tells us what the country needs now is de-escalation.

U.S. election: Republican
A retired teacher in says she's confident the U.S. president will be re-elected — and fearful that if he isn't, her son could lose his job in the oil industry.

Cecilia Chiang obit
The restaurateur who brought authentic Chinese food to America has died. Ruth Reichl remembers her friend Cecila Chiang.

Part Two

Iran victims harassment
An Ontario man who lost his wife and daughter in the Ukraine International Airlines crash in Iran says he's being targeted with threatening messages, after he criticized Iran's response.

Haunted car wash
A Calgary car wash is offering a shine and a scare as a safe, soapy alternative to Halloween haunted houses this year.

Part Three

Maryland graveyard
A proposed highway expansion in Maryland would disturb the graves in a historic African American cemetery. We'll talk to someone who's trying to stop it. 

Hadrian's Wall walk 
A U.K. ice swimmer tells us why he recently walked the length of Hadrian's Wall. And also why he did it wearing little more than a Speedo and a helmet.