As It Happens

As It Happens: Thursday Edition

Thursday, Oct. 22

Part One

First Nation boil water community
People in an Ontario First Nation haven't been able to drink the water from their taps for 25 years — and now, there's no water come out of the taps, period. 

Purdue opioid trial
For the first time the makers of OxyContin admit to criminal liability — but one mother whose son died of an overdose says the historic plea deal doesn't hold the company's billionaire executives accountable.

The Amazing Randi obit
Penn of Penn and Teller remembers his close friend, the late Canadian magician and skeptic James Randi — who saw through phonies as if by magic. 

Part Two

COVID treatment study
It's a good news-could-cause-bad-news scenario. A New York doctor says COVID-19 death rates going down — thanks to exactly the kind of measures people might give up because death rates are going down.

Enrico Ciccone: hockey fighting
Now that he's a member of Quebec's National Assembly, a former NHL enforcer is trying to keep young people from injuring their brains, by banning fighting in the province's top junior league.

Part Three

U.S. children separated
Three years after the Trump Administration began separating families at the U.S. Mexico border, more than 500 children have still not been reunited with their parents. We reach one of the people trying to track them down.

15 Percent Pledge 
The 15 Percent Pledge asks companies to source at least 15 percent of their products from Black-owned businesses. Several big U-S companies were quick to agree — but so far, only one Canadian retailer has signed on.