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As It Happens: Thursday Edition

Oct. 15, 2020

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Part One

Christine Jessop cold case
After 36 years, and one wrongful conviction, Toronto Police say they've identified the man who murdered nine-year-old Christine Jessop in 1984.

Nova Scotia fishing latest
A Nova Scotia Mi'kmaq chief says if the RCMP don't start charging non-indigenous fishermen for intimidation and vandalism, he's worried about more violence against his members.

Moon rules
NASA will soon lead a new lunar-landing expedition, so it's laying out the ground rules for anyone taking part — including "don't fight", "don't be sneaky", and "pick up after yourself."

Part Two

U.S. Senate flip
While others focus on the future occupant of the Oval Office, some in the U.S. have their eyes squarely on the Senate — which our guest says is poised for a flip. 

Memorial University class
A Newfoundland university student has had it with his school fumbling virtual learning — and since case counts are low in the province, he's petitioning for in-person classes. 

Part Three

Rutgers profs
Five female tenured professors at New Jersey's Rutgers University have launched a pay equity lawsuit against their employer. One of the plaintiffs tells us why now was the time for legal action.

Netherlands flu shot cafe
With the Netherlands facing rising COVID numbers and a partial lockdown, a Dutch neighborhood cafe opened up its doors so people could get their flu vaccines. 

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