As It Happens

As It Happens: Thursday Edition

Oct. 8, 2020

Episode Transcript

Part One

Michigan governor plot
Thirteen people are charged with plotting to kidnap Michigan's governor, and start a civil war — and a state senator says responsibility goes beyond the men accused.

Bonnie Henry
With COVID-19 numbers in parts of the country rising, British Columbia's top doctor Bonnie Henry just wants people to be kind, calm, and respectful. 

Stolen newspapers
When an Iowa man is caught stealing an election sign off someone's lawn, a local newspaper prints a small story — which prompts that same man to attempt a cover-up by stealing every copy. 

Part Two

Manitoba First Nation COVID
A northern Manitoba First Nation declares an outbreak of COVID-19 — worrying residents and pushing them into lockdown.

Facebook Q-Anon
Q-Anon, the conspiracy theory involving evil Satan worshippers and a heroic Donald Trump, is kicked off Facebook — but our guest says that won't end its influence. 

Part Three

Human Rights Watch: Shackling report
A Liberian man who was shackled in a church for months tells us about the roots of the cruel practice — which is still being used around the world. 

Aboriginal cave art 
Researchers in Australia are thrilled with a newly discovered trove of ancient rock art. And those two dimensional drawings give us a more three-dimensional idea of the relationship between humans and animals thousands of years ago.