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As It Happens: Thursday Edition

Sept. 17, 2020

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Part One

COVID testing lines
After her four-year-old gets a runny nose, an Ottawa mother tries three days in a row to get him tested for COVID-19 — and she worries that kind of experience will lead others to simply give up.

QAnon wellness and yoga
Nama-stay away. That's the message a group of high-profile yoga instructors have for Q-Anon conspiracy theorists they say have been infiltrating the wellness community.

Northern Manitoba school
A collapsed roof at a school in northern Manitoba means school's out before it even begins for the community's 900 students.

Part Two

Brazil fires animals
A reporter in Brazil describes the deadly toll of fires on the world's largest wetlands — and the emotional toll of witnessing the destruction of animals.

Inuit art trove
A Michigan man uncovers prints in a run-down home he purchased that look more like treasure than trash. Now his wife is pouring over a trove of much-sought-after Inuit art. 

Part Three

Feature: Emily Urquhart 
When Canadian painter Tony Urquhart was diagnosed with dementia, his daughter Emily noticed his creativity wasn't waning. So she took on a new creative project of her own: a book about an artist's third act.