As It Happens

As It Happens: Thursday Edition

Aug. 13, 2020


Part One

UAE / Israel Deal
The art of the deal. Israel and the United Arab Emirates have signed a historic agreement, with help from the United States. A former Middle East negotiator from Washington tells us it's a win for plenty of the parties involved -- but a loss for Palestinians. 

Lebanon Pediatric Oncology
The kids are not alright. A Lebanese doctor has been scrambling to help dozens of young cancer patients after last week's blast destroyed the hospital where he works. He tells us his patients lived a nightmare. But he's doing what he can to make it better. 

New Zealand Wizard Retires
You shall not retire. We speak with the Wizard of New Zealand about the rumours swirling around about his imminent retirement. He sets the record straight, and introducing the young wizard who is his apprentice. 

Part Two

Grass Dancer Regalia Returned
Lost and found. Two years after a Saskatchewan grass dancer has his regalia stolen, it shows up at a Regina pawn shop. Terence Friday calls finding his beadwork the best news he has ever heard. 

Scotland Bird Nest
Five years ago, conservationists set up an artificial nest to attract golden eagles back to a Scottish estate. Now, their efforts are paying dividends.