As It Happens

As It Happens: Thursday Edition

June 18, 2020


Part One

Singh in Parliament 
NDP leader Jagmeet Singh tells us he has no plans to apologize for calling Bloc Quebecois MP Alan Therrien racist in the House of Commons yesterday ... and says it's time to rethink what kind of behaviour is considered parliamentary. 

Contact Tracing
Canada's rolling out a national COVID-19 contact-tracing app. And privacy concerns abound. Blackberry is helping with the project. Its Chief Technical Officer says Canadians should trust the process.  

Honeybee Queen Voices 
Did you know that honeybee queens toot and quack? We'll hear from the lead scientist from Nottingham Trent University whose team has decoded the meaning behind those sounds.

Part Two

Daca Ruling
Joshua Contreras has been living in the United States with the fear of deportation for years. But with a new U-S Supreme Court ruling, today is a new day for him and hundreds of thousands of undocumented immigrants.

Lawn Mowers
One invented a flying lawnmower, the other runs a lawnmower museum -- but despite their enthusiasm for landscaping, neither of our guests from the archives is great at keeping a lawn story short. 

Part Three

Kentucky Tattoo Removal 
From swastikas to confederate flags, a Kentucky tattoo shop is offering free coverups to people who have hateful tattoos. We'll hear from Ryun King, a tattooist at Gallery X Art Collective in Murray, Kentucky.

Canada Wealth Report 
They're richer than we think -- a new report from Canada's Parliamentary Budget Officer suggests Canada's richest families own a significantly bigger share of wealth than previously thought.

Too Many Male Trees 
For some people allergy season has been particularly brutal this year. We hear from a horticulturist who says an excess of male trees is to blame.