As It Happens

As It Happens: Thursday Edition

May 21, 2020

Episode Transcript

Part One

Michigan Flooding
A once-in-a-century...and now for people in Central Michigan, a 500-year flood. We'll talk to one resident who's sifting through the mud and destruction that hit his home. 

New Brunswick Foreign Workers
Growing concerns: The premier says New Brunswickers can and should fill the void left by a ban on temporary foreign workers. But farmers say that just won't work. We reach a grower to explain.

In the Nose
Rites of nasal passage. From the As It Happens archives, two guests describe the surprising sensation of a thing coming out of their noses after decades including one man who sneezed out the rubber suction end of a toy dart. 

Part Two

COVID Propaganda Bots         
Spot the bot: If you find yourself struggling to sort true Tweets from false, we've got some figures for you. When it comes to COVID-related posts, you've got about a fifty percent chance of success either way! 

Voting Age Bill 
If Marilou McPhedran has her way, 16-year-olds will be able to vote in federal elections. The Manitoba Senator tells us about the bill she prepared for when Parliament gets back to normal. 

Part Three

Montreal Teacher
Computing power: A Montreal teacher is delivering second-hand computers to disadvantaged students in his neighbourhood so they can stay connected during the pandemic.

Meteorite Study 
Rock of ages: 20 years after discovering a meteorite frozen in the ice of a Northern BC lake, scientists are using that rock to learn more about the origins of life on Earth.

Green Snow Study        
A new map is showing how algae in the Antarctic is bringing about change to the way the continent looks. We'll hear from the lead researcher who's worked for 6 years to map Antarctica's now highly-visible algal blooms.