Salma Hayek joins Inuit protest

Actress Salma Hayek is set to join an Inuit protest/art project this week.

Actress Salma Hayek is set to join an Inuit protest on Friday against global warming.

The protest will take the form of an art project that will see about 1,000 people gather into the shape of a gigantic Inuit drum dancer.

That image will then be photographed from the air and distributed around the world.

Hayek is using her profile as an A-list actress to draw attention to the event. She is the Mexican performer known for her turns in movies like Frida, Dogma and Desperado.

"Salma has been confirmed for a while now and she is totally behind the project," organizer Nadia Ciccone told the Canadian Press. "There will be some other celebrities as well."

Los Angeles artist John Quigley, who has co-ordinated similar projects in other settings before, is working with the Inuit Circumpolar Conference to pull the photograph off.

"It's a collaborative art form," he said from Iqaluit. "We're sending out this signal, this wake-up call, from the top of the world."

Quigley will guide the members of the crowd onto the sea ice so they form the outline of a massive Inuit drum. The silhouette of a dancer will be inside the drum, along with the word "look" in Inuktitut.

Local artists helped Quigley design the image. He got the idea for the project last year after having dinner in Vancouver with a friend who worked in Iqaluit.

"As soon as he said it, this vision became so clear in my brain. Everyone got turned on by the idea," he said.

Quigley's other pieces have been staged on parking lots, baseball diamonds, parks and beaches.

The stunt is being timed to coincide with Toonik Tyme, the annual spring festival in Iqaluit.

The community's mayor, Elisapee Sheutiapik, said Quigley will have no problems rounding up enough people to make it work.

"It's another great way of celebrating together, but what a great way to get involved in such an important message," she said.