As It Happens

As It Happens: Thursday Edition

Feb. 6, 2020

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Part One

Coronavirus doctor
He warned of the outbreak and was told to stop. Now a Chinese doctor is dead after contracting the virus himself — but the official story is sowing anger and doubt.

Saskatchewan train derailment
A train carrying crude oil veers off track and bursts into flames in Saskatchewan — just months after a similar accident nearby. We'll hear from a truck driver who ran to help.

Little Women photographs
To capture the big stars of Little Women, the film's on-set photographer decided that his equipment and his process had to click with the period.

Part Two

Impeachment latest
Donald Trump wasted no time letting the world know how he feels about his acquittal on impeachment charges — but a Democratic strategist says Trump's only fired up his opponents to win in November.

Coastal GasLink protests
In northern British Columbia, hereditary chiefs face arrest in their protest against the Coastal GasLink pipeline. Our guest — whose job it was to mediate between the sides — says it's a sad day. 

Part Three

McMaster researcher allegations
An associate professor at McMaster University is now under the microscope himself. Some of his former collaborators are pointing to what they say are  irregularities and duplications in his data. We hear from one who has retracted studies she published with him.

Vienna Opera Ball 
When Sophie Grau and Iris Klopfer step out on the floor at the Vienna Opera Ball, they'll be taking one giant leap. The dance partners will become the first LGBTQ dance pair to waltz at the event in its history. A history that dates back more than 200 years — to the early 1800s.