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As It Happens: Thursday Edition

Jan. 23, 2020

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Part One

Coronavirus: Wuhan
A man in Wuhan, China describes living in a city where the streets are eerily silent, after a lockdown ordered to control the spread of the new coronavirus. He says he's never been so fearful.

Patrik Mathews court
A U.S. court hears allegations from the FBI that a Canadian man recently arrested on gun charges was part of a domestic terror plot aimed at waging a full-blown race war.

Egg smuggler story
For decades, Jeffrey Lendrum has gone to incredible lengths to snatch eggs from rare birds of prey — and then smuggle them across borders to rich buyers. But it seems he's not in it for the money, but for the thrills.

Part Two

Border crackdown email
An American immigration lawyer says he received an email from a U.S. border official detailing a directive to question all Iranian-born travellers — no matter what their citizenship. 

Jerk cat
Perdita the cat does not like you. She does not like anyone....including the Dixie Chicks. A North Carolina animal shelter is being brutally honest as it tries to find a home for this dagger-eyed pet.

Part Three

International Court of Justice: Rohingya
The International Court of Justice ruled today Rohingya people in Myanmar have already suffered irreparable damage at the hands of the armed forces and that the government must act to protect them.

From our Archives: Space cat statue
Two years after a kickstarter was launched to honour the Félicette, the first and only cat to ever go into space, a statue has been unveiled in her honour. 

Northern Cree nomination
Northern Cree are making their ninth trip to the Grammies this weekend. The co-founder of the drum and singing group tells us that even if they come home empty handed again, they're planning on making a splash on the red carpet.