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As It Happens: Thursday Edition

As It Happens: Thursday Edition
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Episode Transcript

Part One

Scheer Resigns
The announcement that federal Conservative Party leader Andrew Scheer was resigning came abruptly today but exactly why he resigned isn't so clear-cut.

Vatican Donations
The Vatican makes an annual appeal to observant Catholics to open their wallets to help the needy but a Wall Street Journal investigation reveals that most of the funds are used to pay down the Church's deficit.

Part Two

US Military Suits
For years, members of the U.S. military who have suffered from malpractice in military hospitals have been unable to seek compensation but that is about to change.

Chinese Menu Artist
An Ottawa restaurateur transforms his collection of Chinese takeout menus into stylized uniforms reminiscent of those traditionally worn by eatery wait staff.

Part Three

Fred Christie History
Eighty years since the Supreme Court of Canada ruled in favour of tavern who refused to serve Fred Christie because he was black, a group of activists are trying to have him declared a Person of National Historical Significance.

Encore: Ian McEwan
An encore conversation with writer Ian McEwan Author, whose novella "The Cockroach" flips the script on Kafka's story of a man who becomes an insect. This time, the roach becomes the British P.M.