As It Happens

As It Happens: Thursday Edition

Oct. 31, 2019

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Part One 

Encana leaves
The Canadian oilpatch giant Encana says it's not moving its HQ to the U.S. because of politics — but the company founder says Justin Trudeau is partly to blame. 

Disinformation campaign
Facebook shuts down three networks that were interfering in African politics — and our guest says they were clearly cooked up by a Russian oligarch known as "Putin's chef". 

Halloween date change
A journalist visits "the most haunted town in Britain" and finds something scarier than phantoms: grumpy locals who are fed up with people asking about the stupid ghosts. 

Part Two

Deadspin staffers quit
The website Deadspin covers more than box scores — so when new management ordered writers to "stick to sports", they told management to stick it.

Jackson Pollock physics
An engineering professor shares his findings on the physics of Jackson Pollock's technique — and hopes his work paints an appealling picture of the science. 

Part Three

Fecal transplant case
Fecal transplants are usually effective. But after doctors in Boston gave one to a cancer patient, he died — because they'd hadn't screened the fecal material for a strain of E. Coli. Now, they're publicizing their mistake. 

Musician fund
The Unison Benevolent Fund provides counselling and emergency financial support to makers of Canadian music. But the organization itself says it needs financial support — and is appealing for funds from outside the industry.