As It Happens

As It Happens: Thursday Edition

Oct. 17, 2019

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Part One

Turkey ceasefire
U.S. President Donald Trump says it's "great for everybody" that Turkey is calling off its offensive on the Kurds — but Turkey stresses that the peace is only temporary. 

Toronto Public Library space dispute
Critics say the Toronto Public Library made a huge mistake by renting space to a Vancouver blogger critical of transgender rights — but the head librarian says it's all about free speech. 

Whale skeleton
Scientists exploring the ocean floor are elated to discover all kinds of delightful and disgusting sea creatures at a sort of pop-up underwater eatery — the skeleton of a whale. 

Part Two

Scheer 'seats' letter
With pollsters predicting a minority government, politicians are providing various opinions about what that will mean — so we'll get a lesson on how Canada's democracy actually works. 

Brexit deal: Labour
At last, British PM Boris Johnson is trumpeting a Brexit deal — but Labour M. P. Ian Murray says it's nowhere near what voters imagined, so it's time for a second referendum. 

Part Three

Edmonton Green endorsement
Until yesterday, Michael Kalmanovitch was a candidate for the Green Party in Edmonton. Then he committed what the party considered an unacceptable error: he passionately urged supporters to vote for another party. 

Nigerian painter
The son of Nigerian artist Ben Enwonwu is celebrating the price his father's work has fetched at auction. He says it goes some distance toward de-exoticizing African art. But there's still a ways to go.

Mussel die-off
In the Clinch River that flows from Virginia to Tennessee, researchers are getting to the bottom of what's killing thousands of mussels — a mystery that's stumped them for the past few years.