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As It Happens: Thursday Edition

As It Happens: Thursday Edition

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Part One

Virginia opioid doctor
A Virginia doctor is going to prison for 40 years for illegally prescribing hundreds of thousands of doses of opioids — and an investigator hopes the rest of the medical community is paying attention. 

Trump predictor
American University history professor Allen Lichtman has accurately predicted the outcomes of the last nine U.S. elections — but in Donald Trump's case, he also predicted impeachment. 

Bolivia music study
With help from an Indigenous group in Bolivia, researchers discover the key to how we hear music and pitch is both universal and culturally specific.

Part Two

Wisconsin dairy farmer
The U.S. Agriculture Secretary says American dairy farmers will either get rich or get crushed — and, given the state of their struggling industry, they're struggling to understand his thoughtlessness. 

Maritime pollution
Environmental advocates are raising concerns about a device on ships that takes pollutants out of exhaust fumes — which would go into the air — and just dumps them in the water.

Part Three

Saudi travel
As part of his push to rebrand the kingdom, Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince has begun issuing travel visas. But PR consultant Nikita Bernardi  says she won't be going — because she can't stop thinking about the last time she spoke with Jamal Khashoggi. 

Vaping illness
Researchers at the Mayo Clinic describing the lung damage they're seeing in patients that have died from vaping-related illnesses to that of victims of mustard gas exposure.