As It Happens

As It Happens: Thursday Edition

July 18, 2019

Episode Transcript

Part One

Three patients with violent pasts have gone AWOL from a Toronto psychiatric facility in just two months. Tonight we ask where our guest strikes the balance between public safety and patients' rights. 

Rent Report
A new report warns that even if they're lucky enough to have full-time work, Canadians who earn minimum wage, simply can't afford to pay the cost of rent in most of the country's cities.

Starfish Expert
A team of marine biologists sends a submersible on a deep dive off the U.S east coast and are rewarded with the rare video of a starfish that resembles a deliciously-stuffed ravioli.

Part Two

Beauty Queen Rape Allegations
A Toronto woman says she isn't finished fighting the former Gambian dictator who she says sexually assaulted her as a young woman. 

Rock Slide Salmon 
Our guest says the members of his B.C. First Nation are getting ready for sockeye to make their way up the Fraser River. But they're worried the fish won't arrive if something isn't done about the rockslide way down river.