As It Happens

As It Happens: Thursday Edition

June 13, 2019

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Part One

Oil Tanker Attacks
U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says Iran is behind attacks on two oil tankers and our guest says he's jumping to the conclusions most wanted by Trump Administration hawks.

Uganda Ebola
Ebola jumps the Congolese border to claim its first 2 victims in Uganda and a health worker there says that teams there have been preparing for this with a mix of diligence and dread.

Dodgeball Defence
At a recent conference, academics denounced dodgeball but the head of Dodgeball Canada disagrees with all the smack talk. 

Part Two

Malaysia Tribe
One of Malaysia's last Indigenous, nomadic communities is hit with a mystery illness that's killed 14 people in a month and a doctor says the inhospitable environment may be to blame.

Degrassi Palooza
Fans descend on Toronto to meet the reunited '80s and '90s cast of that earnest, endless Canadian TV phenomenon and host Pat Mastroanni tells us about playing Joey.

Part Three

PBO Carbon Pricing
In a new report, Canada's Parliamentary Budget Officer says we need to get serious about carbon pricing, or miss goals set out by the Paris Agreement.

Royal Swans
A group of swans is called a "game". So when we say it's "game over" for Ottawa, it's both a true fact and a pun. But our guest won't appreciate the wordplay: he believes that when Ottawa's royal swans go, the city will lose part of its cultural heritage.