As It Happens

As It Happens: Thursday Edition

June 6, 2019

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Part One

Uxbridge D-Day Parade
The town of Uxbridge, Ontario, holds a parade in honour of its last surviving D-Day veteran — and it will go right by Fred Barnard's front door. 

War Vet Parachuter
75 years ago, Harry Read parachuted into Normandy — and tonight, we'll speak with the 95-year-old Read about re-enacting that jump. 

Ty Herndon
The song was released in 1995 — but it came out in 2019. Country singer Ty Herndon re-records one of his biggest love songs with all the "she's" changed to "he's" — to finally reflect the truth about his sexuality. 

Part Two

Trip Advisor
Our guest says she was raped at a resort in the Dominican Republic — and that, despite changes, the website Trip Advisor still isn't doing enough to warn other vacationers about her experience. 

Months before D-Day, a special agent parachutes into France only to realize the Nazis have blown her cover — but it didn't stop Sonya D'Artois from laying the groundwork for the Allied invasion. 

Part Three

Succulent Plant Thefts
Three men in California are charged with poaching wild succulents, which they planned to sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars — and it's become a perennial problem. 

Saggy Pants Law 
So-called "saggy pants" laws have been ridiculed and called racist. Now, a councillor in Shreveport, Louisiana wants her city to repeal its version of that law. Because a local man who was spotted violating it died after the police chase that ensued.