As It Happens

As It Happens: Thursday Edition

May 30, 2019

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Part One

Raptors Jurassic Park Fan
Toronto Raptors fans prepare for their team's first-ever NBA Finals — including one man who made a fast break from Alberta for tonight's opening game. 

Israel Military Service
Israelis will head back to the polls again — because President Benjamin Netanyahu couldn't form a coalition after his victory just last month. 

Quebec Green Party
Federal Green Party leader Elizabeth May wants to ban foreign oil, and promote the Canadian stuff — but the leader of Quebec's  Green Party says that's a betrayal to environmentalists. 

Part Two

U.S. Climate Science
According to our guest, the Trump Administration's attacks on climate science are censorship — and that's not just disturbing, it's dangerous. 

Danube Accident
A cruise on the Danube river is supposed to be just slow and pretty. But last night, two ships collided, at least seven people were killed — and today, rescue crews are still searching for survivors. 

Part Three

Spy Museum
A group of Guantanamo defence lawyers visited the new Spy Museum in Washington, D.C. and came out with pretty negative reviews of the exhibit on torture — calling it misleading and dangerous.

Infected Olive Trees 
They're trying to spread the word about an infection. But they were accused of spreading the infection itself. And even after an Italian court said scientific researchers had nothing to do with a disease that's killed thousands of olive trees, the conspiracy theory seems to be sticking.