As It Happens

As It Happens: Thursday Edition

May 23, 2019


Part One

Poundmaker Apology
130 years after Chief Poundmaker was convicted of treason, Prime Minister Trudeau exonerates him — and our guest says clearing the Cree hero's name also clears a path forward. 

Media Bailout
Canada's Heritage Minister has put together the team that will be in charge of financial supports for journalism — but some are taking it apart for what they say is political bias. 

Cremated Dog Burial
When a Virginia woman died, her beloved, healthy dog died too — not out of grief, but because it was euthanized, by order of her late owner's will. 

Part Two

Sex Doll Case
To have, not to hold. A Newfoundland man is acquitted of child pornography charges after buying a child-sized sex doll -- which he says he purchased only for companionship.

Jamie Oliver Restaurants
Almost all of celebrity chef Jamie Oliver's restaurants close in the UK, leaving a thousand people out of work — and a fellow restaurateur is disappointed by the Oliver twist. 

Part Three

Indian Election
Narendra Modi wins a landslide victory in the Indian election — and hands the Indian Congress Party a resounding defeat. Now, that once-powerful party led by the Gandhis is at a loss about what to do after the loss. 

Indigenous Med Students 
Canada's medical schools vow to take specific steps to narrow the health gap facing Canada's indigenous communities — including admitting a school-specific minimum number of indigenous students each year.