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As It Happens: Thursday Edition

May 16,2019
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Part One

Conrad Black pardon | It's been years since he was released from prison -- and now, Conrad Black's record is clean, after his friend President Donald Trump grants him a full pardon.

RCMP teen interrogation | An RCMP officer conducted a shocking, brutally insensitive interrogation of an Indigenous teenager reporting her own sexual assault -- and now, she's filed a lawsuit. 

Injured farmer | Nebraska farmer Kurt Kaser tells his nightmarish story of survival, after his leg got caught in an auger -- and he realized the only way he'd make it out alive was to sever it with his pocket knife. 

Part Two 

Newfoundland fish plant fire | When a shrimp plant burns to the ground in northern Newfoundland, the town of Black Duck Cove faces a major clean-up -- and a future without one its key employers. 

Appalachian trail murder | A Tennessee Sheriff tells us about his deputies' bizarre encounter with James Jordan -- weeks before he allegedly murdered a man and assaulted a woman on the Appalachian Trail. 

Part Three

Conrad Black on As it Happens | President Donald Trump's pardon of Conrad Black sent us to our archives, for Carol's epic interview with the former Canadian former media baron -- a conversation that seemed to have Mr. Black seeing red.

Cabbie rescue| St. John's cab driver Mike Stapleton was dropping off a fare on Sunday when he saw a smoking car that had hit a concrete post. And it's a good thing Mike Stapleton leaped into action to save the people inside -- because the car eventually exploded.