As It Happens

As It Happens: Thursday Edition

May 2, 2019

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Part One

Canola: International Trade Minister Carr
Canada's international trade minister will increase the loans available to canola farmers, until China lifts the restrictions it imposed after the arrest of a Chinese executive in Vancouver. 

Caster Semenya: doctor
He testified in support of runner Caster Semenya — and now, Dr. Alun Williams says the ruling that she has to reduce her testosterone in order to compete in women's events is a big mistake. 

Plane crash rescue
In Labrador, a search-and-rescue team braves a blizzard and has to climb, then crawl to reach two men whose plane crashed into the side of a remote mountain. 

Part Two

Women's hockey boycott
More than 200 professional women's hockey players from Canada and the U.S. say they won't play in North America until a single, economically-viable league is established. 

Frank Sidebottom codes
In the '80s, Frank Sidebottom — a popular British character with a giant papier-maché head — hid secret codes in his artwork, and they've finally been deciphered. 

Part Three

Rude trip
For two Scottish brothers, it wasn't the journey, it was the destinations — as they travelled around the UK visiting the places with the rudest names. Andy Tait shares highlights from their first-crass travels. 

Fort Mac sculpture
Three years after a wildfire destroyed much of Fort McMurray, a new sculpture in the community is helping people cope with what they've lost.