As It Happens

As It Happens: Thursday Edition

April 25, 2019

Episode transcript

Part One

Privacy commissioner
Canada's Privacy Commissioner has serious problems with the way Facebook hands over user data — so he's taking the company to court. 

Raqqa attack
The U.S.-led coalition orginally claimed a few hundred civilians were killed during air strikes in Syria in 2017. Amnesty International now says it was more than 1600. 

Jesus rock
A Newfoundland man claims he's found images of Jesus's hands inside a broken rock — which is now for sale, although the price isn't set in stone.

Part Two

Yazidi women welcomed
Yazidi leaders break with tradition and announce that the children of Yazidi women who were enslaved by ISIS are welcome in their community.

Nigeria curling
A married couple tells us about their journey to the World Mixed Doubles Curling Championships — where they're the first team ever to compete for Nigeria. 

Part Three

Hot Docs: 'In My Blood it Runs'
His family and community have embraced him as a gifted healer. But the school system has greeted him with indifference and outright rejection. A feature interview with Dujuan Hoosan, a young Aboriginal boy from Australia, and his parents — along with the filmmaker who made a documentary about him called "In My Blood It Runs".