As It Happens

As It Happens: Thursday Edition

April 18, 2019

Episode transcript

Part One

Mueller Report
U.S. President Donald Trump has spent weeks insisting the Mueller Report exonerates him completely — but the redacted version released today directly contradicts those claims.

Saudi Sisters
A woman who helped Rahaf Mohamed flee Saudi Arabia for a new life in Canada is now helping two sisters in a similar — but so far, less publicized — plight. 

Part Two

Newfoundland Resettlement
The whole population of an isolated Newfoundland island is leaving for the mainland — except for one couple, who've vowed to stay and fend for themselves. 

Sanctuary Cities
After U.S. President Donald Trump considers sending undocumented immigrants to sanctuary cities across the country, the Mayor of Portland tells us his city will help whoever comes their way — easy or not. 

Part Three

Congo Ebola
A nurse fighting the Ebola outbreak in Congo says widespread mistrust forced the country's president to tell his citizens that, despite their doubts, the disease is all-too-real. 

Legal Aid Cuts 
Ontario cuts off legal aid for asylum seekers, leaving one lawyer questioning whether the provincial government has considered what the impact will be on human lives.