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As It Happens: Thursday Edition

April 4, 2019
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Correction: In our interview on Thursday with Nikki Carruthers, a Winnipeg woman who believes her health problems were caused by her breast implants, As It Happens incorrectly stated that she had Biocell textured breast implants, which may soon be banned by Health Canada. In fact, she had a different kind of implants. 

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Part One

Boeing suit: Nader
Ralph Nader's grand-niece died when the Ethiopian Airlines flight went down in March — and tonight, he'll tell us about the lawsuit his family has filed against Boeing. 

Breast implant ban
Nikki Carruthers had her textured breast implants removed after years of illness — so she's relieved Health Canada is moving to remove them from the market. 

E.U. veggie 'meat'
An EU committee says "sausage", "burger", and "steak" should be reserved for meat products — meaning veggie products may have to adopt some unsavoury new names. 

Part Two

'Uber' murder
A South Carolina lawmaker's proposed bill would force rideshare companies to clearly identify their cars, after a woman is murdered by the man she thought  was her Uber driver. 

Saudi nuclear facility
A former nuclear inspector finds Saudi Arabia's first nuclear reactor — and warns that neither the kingdom nor its allies seem to be too focused on following the rules.

Puerto Rico: Congressman
A Florida Congressman says it's time for Puerto Rico to become one of the United States of America. And he says the President's ongoing nastiness toward the territory is the best evidence that the time is now. 

Part Three

Meyer Brownstone obit
Meyer Brownstone, a human rights activist and one of the architects of Canada's first public health insurance system, died Wednesday at the age of 96.

Slovakia president
Zuzana Čaputová didn't just win, she won big — despite, or because of, the fact that she has no political experience. Now, the former lawyer and activist is Slovakia's first female president.