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As It Happens: Thursday Edition

March 21, 2019

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Vote Marathon
Two sleep-deprived MPs take time from a marathon of voting in the House of Commons to weigh in on whether Canadians will ever hear the end of the accusations about the Prime Minister and SNC.

NZ Folo: Sky News
A young Australian journalist thought she'd found a promising place to start her career. Then the mosque shootings in New Zealand made her rethink what her broadcaster was putting on the air. 


UK Mosque Defaced
With tensions already high, a Birmingham city councillor says muslims there are feeling targeted after 5 mosques were vandalized in the same way on the same night.

Senator Presidential Campaign
When three students approached retired senator Mike Gravel and asked him to run for American president, he laughed. Then he handed them his campaign and his Twitter account.


Race Track Deaths
A California race track says it can find no reason for so many horses to be dying, so we ask a former trainer why the place is changing the rules for everyone in the starting gate. 

Chechen Human Rights
A court in Chechnya has sentenced the region's most prominent human rights activist, Oyub Titiyev, to four years in prison on drug charges in what supporters are calling a show trial meant to intimidate critics of Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov. 

Reversing Time
An international team of scientists have figured out how to turn back time. One of them tells us the important implications of this experiment.