As It Happens

As It Happens: Thursday Edition

March 14, 2019
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Part One

Bloody Sunday Charges
It took 47 years, one month, and 14 days for a single British soldier to be charged with murder for his role in the Bloody Sunday massacre in Northern Ireland. Our guest lost her brother that day in 1972 — and now, she's lost hope for justice. 

Ice Floe Rescue
When our guest went to help a friend rescue some equipment from a big chunk of ice in Alaska, he wound up jumping from ice floe to ice floe, to avoid jumping to a frigid conclusion. 

Death Metal Study
Give me liberty or give me death metal. Turns out, for fans of that genre, they're the same thing — because a new study suggests the punishing sound and explicit lyrics actually bring them joy. 

Part Two

College Admission Scam
Dozens are charged in a bribery scam designed to get their kids into universities — and our guest says the real victims of that scam are underprivileged students who don't even apply. 

Grandparent Scam UPS
A Toronto woman sends a package containing thousands of dollars to save her nephew — but when she realizes she's being hoaxed, a heroic UPS worker steps in to save the day. 

Part Three

Former Priest Killed
A former priest who allegedly abused dozens of young boys is found dead — and one of his victims has mixed emotions about the apparent homicide. 

Endangered Animals Dog 
He flunked out of the police academy, because he was a loose cannon. But, a dog named Train has a new career — less glamorous, maybe, but extremely important: he sniffs out endangered animals' poop in the forest, and helps scientists protect them..