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As It Happens: Thursday Edition

March 7, 2019
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Part One

SNC-Lavalin: Raitt
Deputy Conservative leader Lisa Raitt believes Prime Minister Justin Trudeau didn't apologize for the SNC-Lavalin controversy because he doesn't seem to understand why he should. 

Syrians I.C.C. case
No one has managed to get the International Criminal Court to investigate Syrian President Bashar al-Assad — but a group of lawyers believe their unusual strategy might work. 

Warty comb jelly's 'transient' anus
A scientist discovers that a certain jellyfish-like creature can make its anus appear and disappear when necessary — easy come, easy go. 

Part Two

Canola fight
China revokes the license of a Winnipeg-based canola company that's the largest crop exporter in Western Canada — and our guest believes that's political. 

Hipster effect study
A man complains when his photo illustrates an article about how cool non-conformists all look the same — except that it's not actually him in the picture. 

Part Three:

Taverner: O.P.P.
Ontario Premier Doug Ford's attempts to hire a new head for the provincial police force are proving difficult. Mostly because he tried to put a friend who didn't meet the requirements in the job. NDP Leader Andrea Horwath says that warrants an inquiry. 

Google ads
Google says Canada's new transparency laws are too difficult for it to comply with — so the giant tech company won't be able to run any political ads at all.