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As It Happens: Thursday Edition

Jan. 17, 2018
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Part One

Burkina Faso murder
A friend of Kirk Woodman tells us that he and his colleagues in the mining industry are shocked and grieving, after the Canadian geologist was murdered in Burkina Faso.

Upskirting Law
'Upskirting' — taking low-angle photos underneath the garments of unsuspecting women -- will soon be a punishable offence in England and Wales, thanks to a woman who had it done to her. 

Scottish ultramarathoner Jasmin Paris has become the first woman to win a notorious 431-kilometre British endurance race — and she managed to shatter the previous record by half-a-day to boot.

Part Two

Carjacker X-Mas card
Wayne Belleville received a curious envelope in his mailbox, from the man in prison who shot and nearly killed him during a carjacking — and he wants to know why. 

Alan R. Pearlman obit
He not only held the keys to a brand new sound, he made them. The late Alan R. Pearlman was a pioneer of synthesizer technology that continues to shape music half-a-century after he first developed it.

Part Three

Manitoba pilot
A Manitoba pilot just planned to touch down on the frozen lake for a pit-stop — but wound up waiting more than two days to be rescued, when his plane wouldn't re-start.
Syria infant deaths
"It's unacceptable that this is happening in the 21st century." That's the assessment of a Unicef worker who tells us that at least 15 displaced children in Syria, most of them babies, have died in recent weeks.

Norwegian landscape exhibition 
It's no 'Scream', and Norwegians prefer it that way. Edvard Munch's frenzied scene of a ghostly figure crying out on a bridge may be Norway's most iconic painting — but another work by another artist has been voted the country's favourite.