As It Happens

As It Happens: Thursday Edition

Dec. 27, 2018

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Part One

Indonesia: volcanologist
Indonesians are told to prepare for the possibility of another tsunami near the Anak Krakatau volcano and we hear from a scientist who says the next one could be as hard to predict as the first.    

Child border deaths
The deaths of two children in just a month has a top pediatrician calling on U.S. border officials to get more specialized medical supervision for its young detainees.

Encore: Trevor the Dog
As we look back at some of our most memorable interviews from 2018, we'd like to re-introduce Trevor the wiener dog — who suddenly ballooned to twice his size. 

Part Two

Order of Canada: Leroy Little Bear
Indigenous educator and self-government advocate Leroy Little Bear says he's still digesting the call from the Governor General's naming him as an Officer of the Order of Canada.

Mark Critch eBay War
He had the perfect gift for her. She had the perfect gift for him. The only problem was that the nearly-weds were both competing for a single rare present an online auction site.   

Part Three

Encore: The As it Happened Archives - The Crime & Punishment Edition
From one man's fight to kill Canada's death penalty to a spellbound victim of the 'Black Magic Bandit', the stories on this episode run the gamut of crime and punishment  
from petty offences to hefty sentences.