As It Happens

As It Happens: Thursday Edition

Thursday, Dec. 20, 2018

Episode transcript

Part One

Gatwick drones
Drones leave thousands of passengers grounded at London's Gatwick Airport and one frustrated flyer tells us that it should have been easy for authorities to bring the danger down.

Fake story journalist
He was a hotshot reporter at one of Germany's top publications, then members of a Minnesota community started asking questions about his highly imaginative portrait of their lives. 

Nunchuk ban
A New York man comes out victorious after a long legal battle to overturn the state's ban on Bruce Lee's martial arts weapon of choice, the nunchuck.

Part Two

Syria Kurds
A Kurdish representative says Donald Trump's decision to withdraw from Syria is good news for the terrorists.

Redwood trees
A field of huge California redwood stumps sends a Michigan arborist on a genetic adventure that ends with cloned saplings that could grow into colossal trees.

Part Three

Patricio Manuel
Patricio Manuel joins the ranks of boxing's barrier-busting greats as the fighter becomes the first transgender man to earn a victory in a professional ring.

Encore: Lost Words book
An encore broadcast of Carol's conversation with Robert Macfarlane, the British author behind Lost Words: A Spell Book — aimed at saving nature words that the digital age had feretted from the Oxford Junior Dictionary.