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As It Happens: Thursday Edition

Nov. 29, 2018
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Part One

Cohen plea
Donald Trump's former lawyer pleads guilty to lying to Congress about plans to build a Trump Tower in Moscow — raising new questions about the President's ties to Russia. 

Ontario climate plan
The Ontario government's climate-change plan includes money for companies who reduce emissions — but the province's environmental commissioner isn't buying it. 

Dozer the steer
First we heard about Knickers the ridiculously huge Australian steer — and now it turns out we've overlooked a Canadian steer who would overlook him. 

Part Two

Saudi sanctions
Canada imposes sanctions on the Saudis it says were responsible for the murder of Jamal Khashoggi — but our guest says that list should include Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman. 

Babylonian film
Our guest does — because he's recruited his students to produce the first-ever film in that not-quite—dead language — which no one has spoken for well over two millennia. 

Part Three

B.C. laundering follow-up
After a large-scale money laundering prosecution in B.C. falls apart, the province's Attorney-General demands to know how a case like that can falter before making it to trial. 

Amanda Simard out
Franco-Ontario MPP Amanda Simard has left Doug Ford's caucus to sit as an independent — and francophones in her riding are applauding her for sticking up for their rights.