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As It Happens: Thursday Edition

Thursday, November 15, 2018
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Part One

Brexit non-confidence vote
A day after Theresa May delivered her draft Brexit plan, a number of her fellow Tories in Britain think she failed  to deliver — and that she should Brexcuse herself as party leader. 

Child advocate cut
Ontario's child advocate Irwin Elman had his job eliminated and a former child advocate is worried not for him — but for the kids he was supposed to help. 

Saskatchewan tattoo artist
The wife of a Saskatoon tattoo artist tells us about trying to ensure the longevity of his art, by fulfilling his dying wish: that his own tattooed skin be preserved. 

Part Two

GoFundMe scam
A heartwarming story of generosity led a New Jersey couple to start a successful crowd-funding campaign for a homeless man — but officials now charge the whole thing was a lie. 

Testicle booth
While hanging out at an event for men in New Zealand this weekend, you can hang all the way out in a private booth called the Testimatic — where a doctor will anonymously examine your testicles. 

Part Three

NASA moon mission
The top guy at NASA invites Canadian astronauts on a new lunar mission where he hopes to find precious rare earth metals.

Rainforest trees
The Amazon rainforest has been called the lungs of the planet. But new research suggests they're being overworked by climate change.