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As It Happens: Thursday Edition

As It Happens: Thursday Edition
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Part One

Churchill, Manitoba
The first train in more than a year-and-a half arrives in Churchill, Manitoba and our guest says the freight's just in time for residents at the end of their tracks. 

Migrant caravan
Donald Trump says he'll send troops to the US-Mexico border stop the threat posed by the migrant caravan, but we hear about desperate travellers who are determined to keep coming.

Sword swallower
A sword swallower attempts not just to gulp down 13 sharp blades, but to then twist them all around. We reach Chris Steele in the hospital. 

Part Two

Ukraine gravesite
Toronto lawyer Mark Freiman says he isn't done trying to memorialize the Jewish victims of a Nazi massacre, despite the refusal he got today in a small Ukrainian town.

Cervical cancer
Texas doctor Pedro Ramirez warns that while minimally invasive surgery for early cervical cancer may be more popular, it's also putting patients at risk.

Part Three

Ana Gonzalez obit
Ana Gonzalez was an unstoppable advocate for those who disappeared under the Pinochet dictatorship in Chile. She died last week at the age of 93.

Doctor manual skills
Professor Roger Kneebone teaches young medical students in the U.K. how to save lives, and he says these future doctors are losing what it takes to stitch or sew patients.