As It Happens

As It Happens: Thursday Edition

Oct. 25, 2018

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Part One

Khashoggi satirist
The murder of Jamal Khashoggi suggests the Saudi regime will not tolerate criticism — but a Saudi satirist in London scoffs at the notion that he'll stop scoffing at his nation. 

Saudi L.A.V.s
Justin Trudeau it would cost billions to cancel the armoured-vehicle deal with Saudi Arabia — but a NDP MP whose constituents make the LAVs says not  cancelling will cost Canada more than money. 

Biodome YouTube scientist
B.C. scientist Kurtis Baute excitedly seals himself inside an air-tight "bio-dome" as an experiment — but his breathless anticipation ends when he approaches actual breathlessness.

Part Two

Georgia voter suppression
As the U.S. vote nears, complaints about voter suppression in Georgia, where the Republican candidate for governor is also in charge of the state's election laws. 

Jimmy John's delivery driver
A driver for a U.S. sandwich chain responds to the call — and instead of delivering food, winds up delivering a man to the hospital. 

Part Three

Free Willy bill
A new bill would make it illegal to keep whales and dolphins in captivity — and one senator says her experience as a residential-school survivor factored into her support of the law. 

Coral bleaching and butterflyfish
Coral bleaching is bad for coral. That's obvious. What's less immediately obvious is that it's bad for the butterflyfish that eat that coral. But it is — because it made them less aggressive. 

Lubicon settlement
The Lubicon Lake Band in Little Buffalo, in northwestern Alberta, has settled a landmark land claim with the provincial and federal governements. Chief Billy Joe Laboucan explains what that means for the people in his community.