As It Happens

As It Happens: Thursday Edition

Oct. 18, 2018

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Part One

Afghanistan Attack
Days before Afghanistan's election, an assassin kills the country's top security official — a man our guest says was so essential to his Western allies that they ignored the dark secrets behind his power. 

Basic Income
Canadian CEOs usually compete against each other — but today, more than a hundred teamed up to oppose the Ontario government scrapping the province's basic income project. 

Our guest showed up in a Toronto park to celebrate the legalization of pot, in a costume familiar to fans of the children's show "Polka Dot Door" — as a character he calls "Tokaroo". 

Part Two

Mark Norman Case
With Vice Admiral Mark Norman set to be tried for allegedly leaking cabinet secrets, the Conservatives say the Trudeau government is stonewalling — and they want to see the pertinent documents. 

Guillotine Mystery
A Brooklyn woman snaps a photo of the full-sized guillotine sitting on the roof of the building across from her office — and puts her neck on the line to find out why it's there. 

Part Three

Brexit Preppers
Despite the optimistic rhetoric of the British government, Brexit talks seem headed for disaster. And a group of UK residents who call themselves "Brexit Preppers" worry their country is as well — so they're stockpiling stuff, in preparation. 

Lebanon Trash
Garbage in, garbage out. For a while, Lebanon was hiding its trash problem pretty well. But now, millions of pounds of waste have taken over the country's beaches. And our guest says the government is too dirty to clean it up.

One of New Brunswick's newest MLAs is to be sworn in tomorrow — but there's a problem: you have to wear a tie in the Legislative Assembly and Kevin Arseneau doesn't own one, know how to tie one, nor think it makes sense for him to wear one.