As It Happens

As It Happens: Thursday Edition

Thursday, Sept. 20, 2018

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Part One

WADA Russia ban lifted
The World Anti-Doping Agency welcomes Russia back to athletics, despite alleged state-sponsored doping — and I'll speak with a weightlifter who strongly disagrees with that decision.

Carbon tax study
While his former Conservative colleagues attack the carbon tax, Stephen Harper's former policy director says the numbers show it will leave most Canadians with more money in their pockets, not less. 

Book purge
With his house straining under the weight of books, British comedian and podcaster Robin Ince sets out to purge a thousand of them — by cracking down on the ones he didn't even crack.

Part Two

Golf Digest prison illustrator
After nearly 30 years, Valentino Dixon, wrongfully convicted of murder, is free — and he owes his unlikely mulligan to a more unlikely defender: Golf Digest magazine. 

Welsh bear statue
In Wales, a statue of a grizzly at the roadside is declared a hazard to drivers. So while our guest seeks a new home for it, it's lying prone, out of sight — meaning, I guess, that it's anti-accident prone.  

Part Three

Italian MEP
An Italian Member of European Parliament says Italy's far-right party is racist. So a minister in that party is suing her. But Cécile Kyenge tells us she's not backing down — because she has a lot of examples to back her claim up. 

India flight
In India, a flight takes off from Mumbai, and returns 45 minutes later — after dozens of passengers, including Satish Nair, start bleeding from the nose.

Reading: CBC Nonfiction prize winner
Yesterday, CBC Books announced that Sandra Murdock of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia is the winner of the 2018 CBC Nonfiction Prize, for her essay "Easy Family Dinners."