As It Happens

As It Happens: Thursday Edition

Thursday, Aug. 23, 2018

Part One

Maxime Bernier Leaves
Maxime Bernier says a searing farewell to Andrew Scheer's Conservatives and a party strategist says the split will have Justin Trudeau's Liberals popping open the champagne.

Bromley Armstrong Obit
A friend and fellow-advocate pays tribute to Bromley Armstrong, the civil rights campaigner who blazed the trail for so many Jamaican-Canadians. 

Ford Snitch Line
An Ontario educator gives the provincial government a less-than-passing grade after it opens what critics are calling a "snitch line" for parents with sex-ed concerns. 

Part Two

B.C. Fires Latest
As the fires in British Columbia continue to burn, we speak with Risa Johansen — one of thousands of people who had to evacuate her home after the fire got too close for comfort.

Salma Zahid 
A Liberal MP says she didn't mind the Conservatives selling memberships in her riding. But they crossed the line when they started warning about a possible by-election because she's sick.