As It Happens

As It Happens: Thursday Edition

Thursday, Aug. 16, 2018

Part One

Maxime Bernier Reactions
Andrew Scheer says Maxime Bernier's warnings against what he calls "extreme multiculturalism" don't represent his party — so we ask a Conservative Senator why the former minister still has a place in their caucus. 

Aretha Franklin Obit: Drummer
Detroit drummer Gayelynn McKinney tells us about being part of Aretha Franklin's touring band — playing around with a legend who was not playing around. 

Part Two

Bee Friendly Pesticide
Canada is phasing out pesticides linked to bee deaths — but new science shows the alternative could be just as dangerous. 

Pothole Tomatoes
The stakes are high. Surprisingly, so are the tomatoes they're supporting. More surprisingly, this bumper crop is growing where actual bumpers are supposed to be: in a pothole, on a Toronto street. 

Aretha Franklin Obit: Pastor 
Her majesty. We called her the Queen of Soul, but the late Aretha Franklin was commanding in every genre she took on — and tonight, we'll speak with the current pastor at the Detroit church where her triumphant career began.