As It Happens: Thursday Edition

Thursday, June 14, 2018
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Part One

Trump Foundation Lawsuit
In a new lawsuit, New York's Attorney General alleges that President Donald Trump used his personal charity only to help one person in need: himself. 

Dalhousie Medical Transfer
After three years of trying to switch to family medicine at Dalhouise, our guest is so discouraged by the bureaucracy that she leaves medicine altogether. 

Beaver Whiskey
A U.S. distillery believes its new whiskey made with secretions from the bum of Canada's national animal is a winner — and connoisseurs are looking forward to it with beaverish anticipation. 

Part Two

Bitkov Release
A Russian family fled their homeland for Guatemala, after they say they were targeted by the Kremlin — but now, they're seeking asylum in Canada, after their safe haven turned hostile. 

Part Three

Hep C Lungs
A small clinical trial at Toronto General Hospital could herald a big breakthrough. It's not just that the lung transplants were successful. It's that the lung donors all had hepatitis C.

Gatineau Boycott 
 If it comes from the United States, you won't find it at the LaLa Bistro in Gatineau, Quebec — which is responding to the President's trade war by banning everything American.