As It Happens

As It Happens: Thursday Edition

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Part One

CO2 To Gas
We're not stepping on the gas — we're breathing it. Instead of refining gasoline from stuff in the ground, a Canadian company is making it by removing CO2 from the air. 

Bus Crash Translator
 A recent fatal bus crash near Ottawa left dozens of Chinese tourists shaken — so some Mandarin-speaking locals stepped in offer condolences, and translation. 

Easter Island Heads
You can't blow the lids off this story. The lids are made of rock, and they've been there for centuries. But archaeologists may have figured out why the people of Easter Island gave some of their giant statues giant hats. 

Part Two

Russian Scientist
A Russian scientist is asking to stay in Canada — because she says, if sent back, she could fall victim to one of the "accidents" that have killed more than a dozen of her colleagues. 

Thyroid Doctor
While watching a real-estate show on TV, a doctor spots a mass on a house-hunter's neck — and they'll both join us to tell a story that will leave a lump in your throat.

Part Three

B.C. Gas Theft
When you're a volunteer firefighter, you're used to running on empty. But not literally. So it was deeply dispiriting for the volunteers in a small BC community when they tried to respond to an emergency — and found someone had siphoned the gas from one of their trucks. 

Twitter "Crime" 
Over the course of 100 tweets, one Twitter user Sherlock Holmeses an investigation to prove that a suicide was actually a murder — except, like Mr. Holmes, it was all fiction.