As It Happens

As It Happens: Thursday Edition

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Part One

Syria chemical weapons
Investigators are headed to Douma, Syria, where it's suspected the regime used chemical weapons — but the process is already in doubt, because they were invited by the regime itself. 

Pocket-dial employee fired
It was bad that he butt-dialed his boss, and worse that he was saying nasty things about that boss when he did — but a Georgia man says he shouldn't have been forced to leave his job over it. 

No more Necco Wafers?
After rumours that the company behind the "Necco wafer" is going out of business, the president of a candy wholesaler tells us whether fans should join the sugar rush. 

Part Two

Stranded Syrian
A Syrian man has been stuck at a Malaysian airport for more than a month. He's scared to go home, and he's not allowed to fly elsewhere. Now, some Canadians are trying to help — and one of them tells how. 

WWII tree rings
There are rings missing inside the trees in northern Norway — and researchers say that's a direct result of the smoke a German battleship used as a disguise, during the Second World War. 

Part Three

Trans Mountain Pipeline: BC Greens
The Prime Minister is headed West to get the premiers of Alberta and BC to play nice about the Trans Mountain pipeline — but he should know beforehand that BC's Green Leader has serious concerns of his own. 

Kirtland's Warbler
After 50 years of conservation efforts, the Kirtland's warbler bird is back in the woods, which means it's out of the woods. Birder Karen Markey is very excited about the possibility it will be removed from the endangered list. 

99-year-old Pirates' usher retires
He only took time off once: to fight in World War Two. But after 81 years on the job, Phil Coyne has retired as usher of the Pittsburgh Pirates baseball team.