As It Happens

As It Happens: Thursday Edition

Thursday, March 1, 2018


Part One

After pressure from its members, Mountain Equipment Co-Op announces it will no longer carry brands owned by a Utah company — because, along with water bottles, it makes rapid-fire semi-automatic rifles. 

Steel Tariffs 
After months of exhausting threats, U.S. President Trump reveals some unclear but disturbing details about new tariffs on steel and aluminum — and Canadian steelworkers aren't sure how to forge ahead. 

Newfoundland Lottery
Boilermakers drinking boilermakers. Then, a group of Newfoundland oil refinery workers will move on to your most expensive champagne, because they just won sixty million bucks — one of the biggest Canadian jackpots ever. 

Part Two

Putin Nuke Speech
Russian President Vladimir Putin talks big about his new "invincible" nuclear weapons and their potential — but our guest says all this talk of giant arms is a colossal mistake. 

Lioness Mane
Something caused Bridget the lioness to start growing a sort of luxurious muttonchop-mullet-beard that zookeepers are calling a "mini-mane" — but no one can make hide nor hair of it. 

Part Three

Atwal: Conservative
There are still a lot of questions about how Jaspal Atwal got an invite to a reception with our PM in India. And Conservative MP Jim Eglinski has a particular interest — because, as an RCMP officer, he showed up right after Atwal attempted to kill an Indian cabinet minister decades ago.

Saskatchewan Legislature Protest
Indigenous protesters are angry about the pattern they see in cases like those of Colten Boushie and Tina Fontaine — and they'll say they'll camp outside the Saskatchewan legislature until they get justice for their kids.