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'Maaahhhhwow': Scottish cat Lily makes unexpected cameo during CBC interview

Eleanor Bradford was speaking to As It Happens guest host Helen Mann about the gender pay gap at the BBC, when her cat Lily rudely interrupted.
Lily lives in Moray, Scotland. (Submitted by Eleanor Bradford)

Story transcript

On Thursday, As It Happens spoke with former BBC Scotland health correspondent Eleanor Bradford about her decision to leave the broadcaster partly over issues of pay inequality. 

The BBC is currently embroiled in controversy after journalist Carrie Gracie quit her role as China editor in protest of the wage gap between her and her male colleagues. 

Eleanor Bradford worked at the BBC in Scotland from 2001 to 2016. (Submitted by Eleanor Bradford)

But according to Bradford's cat, there were other pressing matters to discuss. During the interview, Lily made an indiscernible noise mid-conversation — and listeners took notice.

You'd think Lily was done for the night. But, she had more to say. Here's the second meow she belted out later in the interview. 

As Bradford was speaking, Lily started "having a fit." The cat often makes noises — similar to the ones in the interview — when the neighbour's cat peers into the window, explains Bradford.

After Bradford's partner Ross locked her in the back room, Lily's Canadian debut was over. She was never to be heard from again.

Eleanor Bradford says this is a typical view of her cat in the evenings. (Submitted by Eleanor Bradford)

Lily is a 12-year-old British Blue, who Bradford describes as "grumpy." She can often be found lying on her back.


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