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As It Happens: Thursday Edition

Thursday, Jan. 11, 2018

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Part One

Tunisia Protests
Protests in Tunisia sparked the Arab Spring in 2011 — now that Tunisians are back on the streets, our guest hopes these new demonstrations will bring the improvements the last ones didn't. 

Russian Street
Washington, DC votes to rename the street the Russian embassy is on after Vladimir Putin's murdered political opponent, Boris Nemtsov. 

Dream Job
Out of thousands of applicants, the New York Times has picked Jada Yuan to travel to 52 places around the world, and write about it. Which sounds like a cool job — except for the commute. 

Part Two

Belgium Sudanese Deported
Sudanese migrants deported from Belgium are facing torture back home — and a former government advisor says he warned officials about that danger if they were sent back. 

Dave Toschi Obit
The late San Francisco police detective Dave Toschi spent years trying to catch the so-called "Zodiac" serial killer — and years afterwards, he was haunted by what he might have missed. 

Part Three

Reuters Charges
For nearly a month, two Reuters reporters in Myanmar have been in jail. Now, they've been charged under the country's Official Secrets Act — for trying to tell the story of the brutal mass killings of Rohingya Muslims by Myanmar's military. 

Butterfly Study
To make an important discovery about fossilized butterflies and moths, researchers needed a lot of pluck — at least enough to make a delicate tool tipped with human nose hair. 

Asian Flush Study 
Some people who get flushed when they drink alcohol may suffer some embarrassment — but a new study suggests they're also suffering more DNA damage in their stem cells than those who don't turn rosy. Which means an increased risk of cancer.