As It Happens

As It Happens: Thursday Edition

Thursday, Dec. 28, 2017

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Part One

Kabul Attack
A journalist in Kabul rushes to the scene of a deadly explosion, only to find himself filming survivors as they were hit by a follow-up explosion. 

Inca Writing Study
A Harvard undergrad breaks the code behind a 15th century Inca language system that used multicoloured knots to record what he says was the data from their census. 

Encore: Toilet Seat Museum
We check back in with Barney Smith who, at 96, decided to let a younger curator take over his second-to-none Texas toilet seat museum.

Part Two

Encore: Optician of Lampedusa
A re-broadcast of our feature interview with Emma Jane Kirby, the author of The Optician of Lampedusa about an Italian optician who woke up one morning to find capsized migrants drowning by his boat. Kirby recounts the optician's realisation, after rescuing as many survivors as he could, that he could no longer ignore the plight of a population in flight. 

Part Three

Encore: As It Happened: Fightin' Words Part Two
Once more into the fray. Tonight on As It Happened we bring you the fighting words edition, Part Two, as we pluck some of our more hot-tempered interviews from the archives. It's a bench-clearing line-up that begins with two hockey tough guys — former Leafs' owner Harold Ballard and Rock'em Sock'em Don Cherry himself.