As It Happens

As It Happens: Thursday Edition

Thursday, Dec. 14, 2017

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Part One

Ontario Helicopter Crash and Saskatchewan Plane Crash
Two different crashes, two different outcomes. All 25 passengers survive when a plane goes down in Northern Saskatchewan — but a helicopter crash in Southern Ontario kills four. 

Homeless Robot 
San Francisco residents haven't taken kindly to a bullet-shaped security robot named K-9 — and even though it's been ordered off the streets, our guest thinks that — like the Terminator — it will be back. 

Part Two

Delilah Saunders
Because she hasn't been sober long enough, an Indigenous-rights advocate isn't eligible for a liver donation — but her mother tells us it's the only thing that might save her life. 

Net Neutrality
Our guest says the repeal of so-called "net neutrality" in the U.S. is bad for consumers and he should know: he's the one who so-called it "net neutrality" in the first place. 

PEI Newsmakers 
A Prince Edward Island writer reviews the province's top news stories of 2017 — featuring such press-stoppers as a guy falling in a hole, a string found in a can, and the chilling tale of the "allegedly stolen shorts". 

Part Three

Mosque Construction
First, a Quebec news outlet reported that a Montreal mosque arranged to ban women from working at a nearby construction site. Then that was proven untrue. And then the Premier spoke out against a planned protest outside that mosque. But after all that, and whatever happens next, our guest will be at Friday prayers tomorrow. 

Polar Bear Hunt
During a back-and-forth over whether a starving polar bear caught on video is, in fact, "the face of climate change", an environmental activist riles Inuit people — and tonight, the mayor of Iqaluit tells us why.