As It Happens: Thursday Edition

Thursday, Nov. 16, 2017
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Part One

Zimbabwe Opposition
An opposition leader in Zimbabwe hopes for a peaceful, democratic transition of power — as President Robert Mugabe faces increasing pressure to resign. 

Innocence Project
After 45 years in prison, a Louisiana man's conviction is overturned — and his lawyer wants to know why evidence of his innocence went unheard for so long.

CRA Calls
After an Ontario man got a call from someone claiming to be the Canada Revenue Agency, he called that someone back — repeatedly, until they begged him to stop. 

Part Two

Bill Clinton Allegations
As more men in power face allegations of sexual misconduct, our guest believes now is the time to review longstanding allegations against one man in particular: former U.S. President Bill Clinton. 

Leonardo da Vinci Painting 
When everyone put their paddles down yesterday, a Leonardo da Vinci painting had sold for more than 500 million dollars Canadian — despite early concerns about its condition and provenance. 

Part Three

Innu Grand Chief
An Innu chief says he's embarrassed by Ottawa's decision to stay on the sidelines of an inquiry into why, exactly, so many of the children from his community are in foster care. 

Climate Tent 
Their country may officially be out of the Paris accord — but more than a hundred heavy-hitters from the U.S. have put up a huge inflatable tent at the Bonn climate conference, announcing "we're still in".