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As It Happens: Thursday Edition

Thursday, Nov. 9, 2017
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Episode transcript

Part One

Louis CK allegations
Louis CK became a huge stand-up star by pushing the boundaries of propriety — but there are new allegations that his off-stage behaviour crossed lines in disturbing ways. 

Japanese internment letter
Researchers discover hundreds of letters Japanese-Canadians sent to the federal government during the Second World War — after all their belongings were confiscated, and they were sent to internment camps. 

Van Gogh grasshopper
While examining a Van Gogh painting, an art expert discovers a grasshopper's brush with greatness — it got painted permanently into the landscape. 

Part Two

Facebook revenge porn
Facebook unveils its new plan to stop revenge porn: if you think someone's going to post intimate photos of you, all you have to do is...send those photos straight to Facebook. 

'Room Full of Spoons' documentary
The man who made the terrible cult movie 'The Room' tried to stop the release of a documentary about it, saying it was unfairly insulting to his work. But an Ontario judge said that doc is fine — because "The Room" is too terrible to insult. 

Part Three

Sri Lanka torture
Fifty-two men accuse Sri Lankan officials of abuses, including rape and brandings meant to mark them as Tamil Tigers. 

The Moose Jaw Times Herald 
 After more than 125 years, the local paper in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan is about to stop the presses forever — and a sports reporter there reflects on what the Times Herald has meant to him, and to the city.